Minimal ADB and Fastboot Free Download:

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool new updated version free download for Windows PC. Minimal ADB and Fastboot is a small tool which is developed by Shimp208-XDA Developer. Using Minimal ADB and Fastboot tool you can install the latest version of ADB and Fastboot on your Windows PC without installing android SDK package. It also allows you to rooting Android devices, install TWRP or CWM recovery in Android devices.

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Minimal ADB and FastBoot Commands:

ADB Commands List
To Check Connected Android Devices With Your PC Type adb devices
To Install an application .apk Type adb insgtall
Copy A File From Device To System Type adb pull
Copy A File From System To Device Type adb Push
To Check Device Serial Number Type adb get-serialno
Display Lof File On Screen Type adb logcat
To Show JDWP Processes at The Device Type adb jdwp
 To Display Device’s Status ADB Get State Type adb get-state
To Displays Progress Time Required/ Delay For The Mext Command Type adb wait-for-device
To Show dump sys, dump state and logcat data at the screen Type adb bugreport 
Start ADB server process Type adb start-server
 Stop the ADB server Type adb kill-server
Lunch the remote shell console for commands at the device to control your device Type adb shell 
To display helps contents for ABD Type adb help
FastBoot Commands List
To Display Connect Devices Type fastboot devices
To Boot Your Device Into Bootloader or Fastboot mode type adb reboot bootloader
To Boot Your Device In Recovery Mode Type adb reboot recovery
To Reboot Your Device In Fastboot Mode Type adb reboot fastboot
To Reboot Your Device In Fastboot Mode To Fastboot Mode Again Type fastboot reboot bootloader
To Flash A ZIP file Via Fastboot Mode Type fastboot flash XYZ=ZIP File Name
To Flash Reovery Image File Type fastboot flash recovery XYZ.img XYZ=img file name
To Flash A Karnel Image File Type fastboot flash boot XYZ.img XYZ=file name
Unlock Bootloader of Your Device Type fastboot oem unlock
To Relock Bootloader Of Your Device Type fastboot oem lock
To Reboot Your Device Normally Type adb reboot

To download the latest version of minimal adb and fastboot tool simply follow the link given below. Its completely free to download.


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